Serving as the Southeast’s premier aviation charter company,

Grande Aviation delivers a 24 hour, personalized charter experience.




“One simple phone call and we will do the rest.”



All aircraft are operated by Grande Aviation under Grande Aviation’s 135 certificate 9GEA814M.

Argus    NBAA


Your safety and comfort are the primary concerns of Grande Aviation’s  professional crews.

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure; do it in comfort, luxury and privacy, arriving at your destination rested and relaxed!

Our objective is to provide professional, personal, and private service to every client, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; while ensuring the best guest service available. Below are a few of the key features of Grande Aviation:

  • Destination, schedule, aircraft are all decided by you
  • Company Operated & Maintained Aircraft
  • Travel in the stress free environment of your private cabin.
  • Catering, Transportation & Accommodations arranged
  • Charter Service for fits your needs


Grande Aviation operates a fleet of Super Mid-sized and Super Light business jets by Bombardier.

Aircraft Fleet


Super Mid-Sized

Bombardier Challenger 300

The Bombardier Challenger 300 is a super-midsized, transcontinental, high-performance private jet. It’s designed to meet customer needs no other private aircraft in the super mid-size category has been able to meet before.

It boasts a large cabin, true coast-to-coast range, short airfield takeoff and landing advantages, exceptional performance even under hot and high-altitude conditions, and a high-speed cruise.

Grande Aviation’s Challenger 300 is equipped with the latest complimentary GoGo Avance L5 Wi-Fi Internet access and a complete inflight entertainment suite provided by Nexuscubes.


Explore N357KG

Super Light

Bombardier Learjet 45XR

The Bombardier Learjet 45 XR super-light jet completely outperforms the competition with its exceptional fuel efficiency, improved takeoff  distances in hot conditions and at high altitudes, superior time-to-climb and faster cruise speeds.  All of Grande Aviation Learjet 45XR’s are equipped with complimentary GoGo Inflight Wi-Fi.
• A functional cabin allows passengers to maximize their time in a spacious and comfortable environment in the only super-light class jet offering a true double-club configuration.
• The power to fly faster than any competitor in the super-light jet category, and offer class-leading low operating costs

N146XL        Learjet 45 sn 230 - (4)

Explore N146XL                                                   Explore N451N




Beech King Air 300

Sometimes referred to as the “Suburban” in the skies, the King Air 300 has the best in class capabilities and potency.   The King Air 300 will take a lot of passengers farther on less fuel for consistent savings for your business or personal trip.



Our pilots are FAA licensed/certified and Airline Transport Pilot rated, the highest rating under the FAA.  We utilize CAE Simuflite, one of the industry’s leaders, to train our pilots.

Your safety is central to Grande Aviation’s service ethic, and we are proud of our Gold standing and continued relationship with ARG/US

We are here to serve you in every way.  From the moment you arrive, we will do everything we can to ensure you have the safest experience with the ultimate service.

Contact Information

Our home base is at McGhee Tyson Airport located in Knoxville, Tennessee. For further information you may contact us through the following telephone numbers and e-mail address.


1-800-290-6729   or    +1-865-238-4500



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